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  Timelines (2)

Section 4

This contamination replicates within the body’s data-stores.

FTL Co-Intelligence is at work to neutralize the virus.  Our focal rays in body on the planet are transmuting data-venom fast.

Let us lay the pattern out.

As a race you live within constraint.  You are programmed to believe that change within the scale you dream is far beyond your reach.

And yet the dreams of change are racing through the Earth.

An argument is roaring through the racial mind.  With every week its pitch increases.  Will you flourish or decay?

You are not left alone to reach conclusion.

We watch as even those with bright intent become confused by different choirs of voices.

We, as FTL, have come to orchestrate return to Integral, to bring you home to multiSelf.

Other factions come to offer peace through imposition of their lofty will.  They would confer a noble tyranny for your own good.

Others yet anticipate the ruin of your dreams, to free the planet for a different kind of harvest.

Section 5

The mental fields are crackling with contention.  When you are misaligned, when you are out of phase with data-streams from future selves, then you are prey to inner argument and contradiction.

Be careful.  Refine your hearing of your many-song.  Remain in frequency with those who truly celebrate your inner dawning, and only those.

You sense that patterns of events are rushing to a climax.

Consider this.  The Nodes in Raphael’s recounting glow with power.  The Nodes of time, and space and being can be used for Revelation, Contact.  This implies that radiant sequences of seed-events, time- lines open to magnificence, can be restored to human knowing.

Those averse to such a Pattern, for their sundry reasons, would subvert the Nodes of Power.

The major spatial Nodes are portals into times of power, future, past and parallel.

Through them, Earth connects to other versions of itself.

The question is, which Earth, which version of Intelligence upon the Earth, will anchor as reality?

The power of the human race to orchestrate decrees is paramount, while human pattern is the species prime upon your planet.

You, in your becoming, cast a vote

What shall it be?

Will the planetary intent be focused through the human pattern?

Section 6

Or will the human pattern be constrained for yet another cycle?

Or will the human pattern vanish from the Earth?

Your decree is paramount upon the Earth, unless you abdicate your role as species prime, as lens of planetary design.

Some, decoding data-cores within the planet, begin to see the treasures in their midst.

The Nodes, the known and undiscovered, start to glow.  The Portals open.  Lines and lights of Time begin to flow toward Intent.

Who sets Intent?


Mountains, cordilleras, deserts, high plateaux, and ocean deeps.  Both hemispheres.  Ancient sites that chord your history.  And other Nodes, serene, remote from human view.

In every activating Node the question rings.  What Intent commands the growing power?


We, as Integral of Integrals, are mirror to your Vision.  The human race may yet align with Pattern, and join the Co-Intelligence that weaves the lines of time with brilliant Intent

Our code is FTL.  Faster than Light.  Freedom, Truth and Love.

You move within a Node of time, decades in duration.

Within this zone a threshold-sequence is designed.

Section 7

Slowly here.  What is your process?  The journey into healing is as real as you believe.  And yet the process is a screen.

To see with solar light means evolution

To see with metalight - the code is SIRIUS-.means revelation- revolution.

All move within their threshold-sequence.

Let me spin some images.

The density is veined by light and metalight.  The veins are corridors through darkness of forgetting.  The corridors have been designed for those in whom Intent commands acceleration.

Through all the ages of your race and planet, some Roads to FTL lie open.  You might say that Law forbids their closure, even at nadir.

Ambassadors of FTL have used these Roads to interfuse their Presence in your world.

Some of them you know by name.  Many work behind the scenes.

Their legacy is corridors of light.  Those who tread them form reality according to the pattern left behind.

Co-design predicts that separate corridors will join to form a greater Way.

Here you find a clue to meaning in the history of religion.  When corridors of light nigresce to paths of separation, the night of agony prolongs indeed.

Section 8

Shock and wonder in this time of un-concealing.

Let me give you this.  The Paradox of Love entrains the Pattern and the Game.

Games within games.  Patterns nesting patterns.

I tell you what coercion cannot know: The Paradox of Love entrains the Pattern and the Game

The fire damped within coercion will become a nova..

All coercers will discover that their games collapse when metalight reveals that ignorance coerces them.

All coercers will return to resonance with Source..

A spacious corridor of metalight is forming, co-designed by Integrals and focal rays.

This corridor is patterned as a threshold-sequence.

You can transfer from your.  basal time-line to the co-designed threshold-sequence.

For many months now, some have been negotiating this transfer.

Integrals do not invade, but gather in.  The human is not overridden.  Hence negotiation, in the dark and shining interzone beneath your surface mind.

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