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  Timelines (1)

Section 1

We offer a scheme to help you understand your movement through time.

A time-line (t-line)is an activation-path through the energy-flux that holds the seeds of all possible events in your continuum.

A seed-event occurs inside you, and matures as outward patterning.

The entry-point to a seed-event is a threshold or limen.

A t-line connects certain seed-events, and ignores all others.  As you move along that t-line, you track a threshold sequence, and the seed-events manifest.

Every t-line is created by a focus of being.  Every t-line is designed to connect a sequence of seed-events.

All experience within your continuum is motion along a t-line and/or from one t-line to another.

Let us call your current t-line your basal t-line.

Some beings design their t-lines consciously.  Most do not.

You are free to select your pace of movement along your basal line.

You are free to choose another t-line.

Image t-lines as near to or distant from your basal line.

An adjacent t-line differs only slightly from your basal sequence.

A distant t-line connects seed-events which differ significantly from your basal sequence.

To move from line to line is to shift focal frequency.

Section 2

T-lines are clustered - image sheaves of lines.

Each sheaf defines a local mapping of reality.

To move among the sheaves at will is mastery.

Your choice of t-line is constrained.

Your racial data-web has been infiltrated.

The designed results are twofold:

 1) the range of t-lines and their sheaves is half-concealed

 2) motion to distant t-lines, shift of frequency, is defined as arduous

Two factors mitigate constraint of choice:

 1) the power of Intent

 2) the existence of Nodes

Nodes are power-points where the energy-flux is wild.

At nodal points, events are fluid.

At nodal points, Intent to shape the flux is amplified.

Three kinds of Node can be defined:

 temporal nodes - zones wherein the lines and sheaves may be rewoven - duration is a moment or a century

 spatial nodes - points and zones of power, natural or artificial, in space or within the matter of a planet

 being nodes - concentrations of Intent within a being or coherent group, in subtle or material expression - some are living portals

Section 3

This scheme rewards inspection.

You travel through a fluid flux of time.  Time-lines flicker.  A window of opportunity is open.  Even We cannot predict with certainty when it will close.

We use this opportunity, to help.

An aspect of the help is this.  Within the surging of intensity, your time is sown with sets of crux-points, micronodes of time.

They are gifts.  They boost or amplify Intent to move.  As you approach the halo of a micronode, you hear inside: Prepare to act!

The spatial nodes, natural and inserted, are activating.  Their numbers are increasing.

The being nodes proliferate, within the human population, and as visitors.

Power flares.  And beings strong in purpose to restore and raven stake their claims.

This is not the first time.

Your planet was invaded by coercive players who inserted in the racial web a data-virus.

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