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  the Bridge

How can we live aware on earth? These times reveal the scale of human pain, the suffering of animals, and so on.  Many teachers focus on the need to change the social order.  How could we disagree? We can focus on personal transformation and/or action in the arena of our choice.  Agreed.

I have a question.  Every day we wake to violations perpetrated by a wounded race.  The more we are aware, the more we are prone to vast, transpersonal grief and anger.  I empathize with those who simply close down. How can we bear the vast grief and anger that burden the open heart?

There are many partial answers, from passionate action to therapy to mystical surrender.  All are valid but miss a fundamental point.  We can learn to transmute our private woe but we are not designed to carry or process global suffering.

I could not resolve this problem without the help of Tara.  This is what she says:

To all who read this: I know the aspirations of your heart.  I know that you long for everyone to be restored to their true estate.  You want to help.  I know that time and density have wounded you.  I know your courage.

You came to help, and you need help to carry on.  You need resources.  You need reSource.  The root of the problem is your seeming separation from your source-self.  Please contemplate these images:

Your source-self is your home, your base, your mothership, your family of being.  Even these images can only hint at your source-self’s power, intelligence and love. You are part of this resplendent being-system, unique and irreplaceable.

The story that you long to heal is: separation - exile - loss.  You came into time and density, to help.  You entered the illusion of separation that is the fundamental cause of human suffering.

You lost the knowing that you are designed to receive help on every level.  Let us focus on a single consequence.  See the image of the mothership, a beautiful and complex light formation, like a star. You left the ship and came down to the planet’s surface.  In fact you were an extension of the ship.

You came down to scout the local situation and relay your data to the mothership.You had a built in communications link by which you could send and receive information.  For a while everything was fine. Then something happened.  The density of the illusion dulled your energy.  You began to forget who you are and what you are a part of.  Eventually you imagined yourself to be separate and alone.  Your communication link was silent.  The mothership did not receive your data.  You did not receive the ship’s transmissions. But you were still recording information.

You are recording now.  Consider what this means.  You are aware, through media and your sensing, of many things that violate your fellow human.  You know the effect of malice and stupidity.  What do you do with the information? You store it in your body and your subtle fields.  You try to sort it.

Whereas you are responsible for your own creations, you are not designed to sort this massive information. You end up carrying vast anger, and its isotope, vast grief.  In your body.  How can you manage a burden which regenerates from day to day? There are familiar strategies, some of which may offer some relief. Everything from therapies to numbing.  None of them really do the trick.

You need a way to release the backlog of information that is encoded as vast anger/grief, and to keep releasing.  Back to the data-link.  In your time it has been restored.  Remember, it is two-way.  You can use it to release the stored emotion.

In our image, the mothership is equipped to sort and analyze the information that you carry.  All you have to do is send it.  Here is how you do it.  The data-link is an energy bridge which connects you to the higher levels of your being.  Through it you receive.  Many people do not know that they are designed to use it to transmit.

The bridge is real.  Take this on as true.  Now, intend to send your information.  Much of this is stored in your lower body.  When you intend, you activate the process.

You do not need to bring the material into awareness. Indeed it is often better not to.  Send it up through your body’s central channel and its extension, the bridge of energy.  Ask your helpers to assist, if need be.  Keep doing this until you feel relief.  Make this releasing part of daily practice.

Some are ashamed of the heavy emotions that they carry.  From our point of view, the emotions encode the data that we need to do our work, to help you.  What may be junk to you, to us is valuable.  Let us do the processing.

Your electrical and central nervous systems will be relieved.  Your data-circuitries will be cleared of static.  Some bearable grief and anger will remain.  That is for you to convert into motivational energy.  You are here to help.  Once you become lighter - once you have shed data-mass, as Ray has called it, you will be clearer and more empowered to act.

Tara, in service, like the sun.


This works.  Tara first imaged the bridge as a powerful method of reducing tension in the bodymind.  More is going on.  We are moving out of a childish relationship to the greater realms of being.  We are learning to participate.  This begins with telling it the way it is.  I used to call this: yelling at the gods. Sometimes it helps to talk across the bridge, especially when we have learned of yet another massacre or...  anything that wrings the heart.

The bridge is really a way to re-integrate our terran selves into our being-system or oversoul.  Project Restoration.

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