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Resources is a collection of mainly channeled documents.  (The exception is the three pieces on psychic self-care, which fit thematically.)  The reader may find it useful to understand how to approach this kind of material.

What is channeling?

I can only answer for myself.  I blend my normal consciousness with paranormal sources.  This induces a high-energy altered state from which I write and speak.  The sources are, for the most part, aspects of the being-system, oversoul or integral that is my source-self.  Not always.  My communications team may connect me with other sources, if my Integral gives the OK.

What is the purpose of channeling?

Again I speak for myself.  The purpose is always to help, by describing in story form the deep structures of reality.  I make it clear throughout the website that I call myself a translator and a story teller.  I take responsibility for everything that you will read.  My motivation infuses all the documents.  I wish to help.

I discovered years ago that my educated and inquiring mind could only take me a little way into the perennial themes: who are we? - why are we here? - where are we? - where do we come from? - where are we going?  In the late 60s I asked for a direct connection into deep reality.  That connection came to light in the 80s.  My enquiries are a work in progress.

How it works

It starts with my intent.  I want to help myself and others.  I quieten and clear myself, using protocols that I share in the psychic self-care material.  I listen and I wait.  My state of energy and consciousness begins to alter. I ask to be attuned to my greater being.  Non-verbal Information comes I translate it into English to the best of my ability.

the Sources

My understanding of Who is speaking opens up in the most surprising ways.  I cannot diagram an Integral.  In the 90s I began to intercept transmissions from six Voices.  Later the six became a twelve.  The Voices are named, as you will see.  The names don’t really matter.  Naming is a game.  They are colors of intelligence, strands in a weave of meaning, and very much alive.  I am part of them and they are part of me.


The material has more in common with poetry than prose.  The word-strings point to meaning like a finger pointing at the moon.  Sometimes the Sources use what they call short-speak, where meaning is concentrated in a set of images.  Sometimes a single word or word-string is like a gateway into deeper meaning.

How to read the material

Imagine that you are listening to your favorite music.  You flow with it.  You tune into its energy.  You let the meaning speak directly to your heart and soul.  That is the best approach to what you are about to read.

Whatever the appearance, the material is not alien.  What would be the use?  You too are an aspect of a being system, an oversoul, an Integral.  If you like you can ask your inner guidance for what a friend calls >q parallel translation q<.  If you do so, it helps to ask as well to be tuned to the energy level at which the information is transmitted.
All this is offered in the name of Freedom, Truth and Love.  May it speed your homeward journey.

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