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  Perturbations (2)

The human situation

The perturbation of the human soma permits a new degree of freedom.  Once the resolution intervals become continuous, the intrahuman needs to ‘ground’ into its higher-order matrix, while the bioform is allowed to phase with the planet’s shifting operating frequency.  In this way the expanding time-domain becomes congruent with 5-space perspective.


 1.  The emotional effects of 4-space perturbations are not understood by 5-space entities.  It is up to the human ego to communicate directly and clearly with the higher levels of being.  This is effected more efficiently as the human locus is shifted to within the diamond bands.

 2.  The human bioform is structured as data-modules, each with its containment field.  As these fields are perturbed, the modules begin to scan their ‘past’ and ‘future’ possibilities.  The human ego may feel the scans and
  a.  fear that the body’s integrity is failing
  b.  experience temporal dislocation
  c.  register an ‘alien’ presence in the neural/neuronal systems

Fear-based interpretations will lengthen the resolution periods.  Grounding into the matrix will integrate the 5-space perspective into human experience.  Meanwhile the bio and em teams should be kept online continuously.

Causative fields: a prospectus

Creative action is entering 4-space along many pathways.  Beings in your local and adjacent systems are focusing intent in line with internal mission statements.  Hyperlinked beings with co-creative intent are forming interlacing causative fields.

The planet is developing a new ‘subtle matrix’. Consider four images:

 1.  An accretion shell made up of ‘clean’ data relayed from 5-space is forming.  It is already a source of
      inspiration for those who can tap its frequencies.  This shell is complexifying exponentially.
 2.  A web is forming between nodes of HI-intent and is beginning to surround and interpenetrate the planet.
      It will rapidly become a template of awakening.
 3.  The planetary core is being linked to the HF cosmic milieu via ‘light-lines’ which transfer and step down
      macro-energies, including the ‘rays’ and stellar data-beams.  Each light-line correlates with spatial and/or ential power nodes.
 4.  The planetary ‘quarantine barrier’ is being replaced with an interface calibrated to galactic and n-spatial data-feeds.

The planetary subtle matrix or ‘etheric body’ enables Terra to support multivarious awakenings in line with imperfect biologic.

The matrix is co-resonant with earth-variants in galactic and adjacent ‘spaces’ and thereby ‘learns’ the grace of ascension.


The perturbation of all local data-fields and time-domains, including their gravitic and electromagnetic vectors is reaching a climax.

The chaotic aspect of the changes is caused by perfect objects decaying into random energy.  This raw energy will be used by beings with focused co-intent within the gross and subtle matter domains.

Intrahumans who are activating HI-purpose will find new equilibrium by:

 1.  ‘grounding’ into the 5-spatial matrix,
 2.  keeping communication/dialog open between being levels,
 3.  defining planetwork in terms of the forming template,
 4.  keeping all teams operational.

These four components construct the architecture of the next shift.  Local 4-space and all its object-events or systems being perturbed by Source-resonant creative action flowing along e.g.  the Sirian, Antarean, Arcturan and Pleiadean pathways.

The intergalactic 4-space continuum is moving into phase with Source-creation.  The process is ‘granular’.  HI-action is transferred and translated through portal-zones, including imperfect stars and planets and hyperlinked bio-foci.  All ‘liberated’ centers begin to radiate the Signal of Return and communicate via n-space.  The ‘grains’ are forming chains and webs in multiple uncontaminated bands.

The futures

The higher threshold sequence is motion through a time-domain which includes initiatic crux-points.

Intrahuman aspiration is now supported by the planet’s initiatic sequence.  Its time-domain includes reintegration into cosmic and 5-spatial milieus.  Terra is once again a relay station for the twelve ‘creative rays’.

Variables are still in play - especially the status of the sun.  Sol is a stimulated perfect object.  The Sirian impulses are synchronized with the solar clearing cycle (whereby the sun resolves incongruencies among its data lattices and troubleshoots its ‘circulatory systems’).

As the solar field is repeatedly perturbed there is a possibility that within centuries it will be destroyed.  The solar being may disincorporate.  If this occurs, most of its planets will be transferred to a high-octave binary system in a liberated zone of 4-space.  This event will be strange indeed to bio-beings who conserve a memory of the ‘past’.  Between two moments a new reality replaces the single-sun ‘scenario’; the latter becomes a fading dream.  The prospect has precedent.  Earth has not always occupied this space.  The HI-perspective does not see the collapse of any system as tragic per se.  The phasing of all beings with Home is an accomplished event which is being inserted into myriad time-domains.

The future of the human species on this planet is not fixed.  The new planetary matrix will not support coercive games.  The death-cycle will remove all recalcitrant Players within three generations.  Closed-game Players who are not already involved in terran scripts will not be allowed to enter.

The race is now standing at a dimensional switching point.  Several major t-lines are highly energized.  If this continues the planet will resolve, for a time, into different variants.  The leeway period is short - a few years only.  By 2005 the situation will be clear for those who have the eyes to see.

Between 2005 and 2012 the human experience of the planet will either resolve into ‘awakening’ or multifurcate.

In the latter case many intrahumans will transfer, via ‘death’ or reality translation, into their optimal future.

Even though the biosphere will deconstruct in certain variants, humanity cannot die.

At previous dimensional switching points a version of the race moved out along the starways...and prosper still.

Some current intrahumans will choose to stay with the human project & meet their ‘cousins’ in the far reaches of interstellar space.

Note: Some descendants of these ‘old terrans’ are among the Watchers.

Futures proliferate, though all converge on Integral departure.  Time is not linear.  Even if We say that the Integral cluster in which you inhere departs in the year 3000, between ‘then’ and ‘now’ there is all the time in the world for adventures in this glorious physicality.

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