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  Perturbations (1)




4-space refers to modes of consciousness that perceive duration and comprises a transfinite number of time-domains or t-line sheaves.

Duration measures the decay of a creative action.

Objects are precipitates of creative action and may be classed as perfect or imperfect.

Perfect objects are disconnected from creative action and therefore represent the random or chaotic aspect of the matter universes.

Imperfect objects are events modified by new creative actions and represent the translation of order/meaning into 4-space domains.

Each object in 4-space is defined by a data-field whose gravitic and magnetic components can be measured.

The defining field of a perfect object conserves the data encoded in the creative action that formed it.  Collapsing the field destroys the object.

The defining field of an imperfect object is also conservative but when perturbed is open to encode new creative action.


Each imperfect object is being continuously created or intermittently recreated.  Creation implies the selection of a finite number of events from the omnipotential flux.  Selection sequences the events, forming a t-line.  The selection is conserved by the defining field.  Each imperfect object can therefore be said to generate its own time-domain.

Examples of imperfect objects

Sirius, as a relay-star, transfers and translates creative action into 4-space systems such as Sol.  Transfer implies conservation.  Translation implies innovation.

Most stars are perfect objects, subject to decay. Sol’s status is unresolved.

Earth was perfect for 30,000 years.  The planet, its quarantine collapsed, is hyperlinked to Sirius and other portal stars.

Note: certain intrahumans are hyperlinked to stellar relays.  Some are receiving Sirian impulses directly, as well as mediated by the planet and its sun.

The perturbation dynamic

A system is the resultant of imperfect object-events and functions perfectly until perturbed.

Each system inheres in a higher-order system.  Each system is sustained by conservation, the homeostatic principle.

Creative action is pulsed in data-waves which stimulate a system to higher resonance.  The stimulus perturbs the containment field, opening the system to innovative encodings.

The system oscillates between the conservative and higher state.

Pulsing permits a period of resolution.  This is an example of compassion.

The pulses continue until the system ‘holds’ the new encoding.


The terran biosphere was fixed in steady-state (‘perfected’) by Players who required a planetary closed game for their experiments.

This was allowed but a barrier was thrown around the planet to limit contagion.  Hyperlinks to n-space were closed, except for the ‘sacred roads’ that carry avataric impulse.

Note: By Law the sacred roads are always open, even in the densest spheres.

Biostellar transmissions which evolve the template of eg.  the human bioform were blocked.  The internal evolution of the human body was interrupted.  Players from higher open levels of the Game have been enabling the planetary and species’ response to the Signal of Return.

Note: these Players’ actions synchronize with the solar passage through HI-galactic zones and ‘free floating’ 5-space/4-space interzones.

The quarantine has been annulled.  The wave-form of the planet is retuning to its own seed-potential.

Biostellar data-waves are stimulating all terran bioforms: all are being pulsed to resonate at higher frequencies.  Consider the human form as a system comprising cellular and micronodal lattices, each conserved by a containment field or data-membrane.

At every level human biosystems are oscillating between closed and open states or time-domains.

The human mind interprets bio-innovation as chaotic and seeks to reinforce the status quo.

This fact is mitigated by Integral data-feeds which reconform the mind to actuality.

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