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  What I Offer (3/3)

What comes next?

I work on the level that you choose.

I go into the area that you select.

I respect your privacy.

At times I suggest a game-plan.  Here is a partial listing of ways in which I work:

* welcome to your Realm

* progressions - getting you to read future possibilities
* reparenting
* spiritual deprogramming
* present-timing - anything and everything
* clearing ancestral lines
* bringing forward ancestral powers
* healing the emotional soul
* adjusting frequency
* changing traumatic past-life stories
* sharing my experiences
* reframing
* opening up concepts
* trance-work
* humor
* button-pushing
* big stories
* educating the inner child
* fog-burning
* empowerment - whatever is in stock
* dissolving thought-forms
* grounding - always
* hands-on (and hands-off) bodywork
* encouragement
* calling a spade a spade
* cosmic connections
* making introductions - e.g.  your Self, your powers
* rituals of release and welcome
* trouble-shooting inner staff
* coaxing you to receive
* anger (20 seconds limit)
* universal energies
* genial skepticism
* turning you on
* including the body
* love
* being with you

I support you in your transitions, great and small.

I know well the confusion and fear that arise when change moves into the fast lane.

I also know how great the rewards and triumphs are when we are ready to harvest.

Itıs all happening.

This planet is going places.

Nothing can remain the same.

All life-forms are being accelerated.


You are not alone.

And now, a word from my sponsors.


Ray was going to stop there.  We wish to speak.

We are Rayıs Council, his Royal Family.

You all have your Councils - co-beings who are awake in the dimensional vastness that you are reclaiming.

The healing journey brings you back to a sense of sovereign self.

In that security you shift level.

You enter the realm of the One-Many.

You are multiple.

You are a living pattern of foci.

You are a Sun whose rays penetrate many realities.

The I that you have known is one ray, one focus.

Other selves now join your play.

Your Yearning urges a more spacious Self.

Stories of alien presence abound.

The planet reconnects with Cosmos - true.

But read the stories also thus: human self unfolds, reveals the alien within.

Encounter the star-ways in your core.

Now is the time of Gathering.

Vortices of alien self are anchoring in your humanity.  And they are you.

You are time-rich and heirs to vastness.

The Integral of your future selves infuses energy and wisdom into your now.

Be spacious.

Help is where you are.

Competent compassion radiates in bodies.

The time is rich.

Those who came to help are yearning to help you come into your spacious Self

Ray is such a one.

He came to help, as part of his design.

His mandate runs:

Speak what you see in multiple seeing.

He speaks to you of what you are.  His seeing spans realities.  His heritage is hybrid.

Twenty years ago he spoke these words for us:

We come from your best future.  We come to help the helpers.

And so it remains, with this enrichment: now he knows that he is one with us, as you are one with your Company of Glory.

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