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Learning to see has taught me endless compassion.  Sometimes I marvel at how well we are doing in such less than ideal circumstances.

We are intent as light-beings, and as humans we have enormous tenacity.

If you are reading this, you are probably in human form.

If you are not a marauder in disguise, you have activated inside you a pressure to clear as much decayed information as possible.  You may be in resistance to or aligned with that pressure or fluctuating.

If you come to me, you are dealing with radical change.

The inner pressure is shaping conditions that challenge and collapse all inner and outer forms that confine you. 

Your marriage disappears.  Your job is gone.

Your cherished beliefs are leaking and taking on water fast.

Questions are burning up your certainties.

Your body has a mind of its own.

Your reality wavers.

Your cat spooks when you walk into the room.

Electrical appliances act up in your presence.

Your dreams leave you dizzy.

Your friends are gone.

Coincidences pile up.

You know things youıre not supposed to.

Strangers give you messages.

Books fall on your head.

I help you smooth your transitions, big or small.

I start with a protocol, a tuning of the session to your specific needs now.

I may ask your permission to see what you need me to see.

I may ask you to join with me in accessing the precise energy and information levels that will serve you best.

I work with people at many levels of experience.

I am a teacher as well as a healer.

If my client knows what is going on, and simply needs additional input or help with a particular process, then fine.

I have had a lot of fun with experienced psychics.

Mostly I work with people who have some ability to work with their energy, some grasp of what is at work in the world.

Usually I am asked to investigate.

I begin by looking at the field: is it expanded or contracted, dull or luminous, clear or showing interference, monochrome or iridescent?

I often take people through a first-order clearing at this point, teaching how to clear if that is needed.

With a new client.  I like to examine primary energy connections next.

I look at your Earth connection.

Do you relate to the planet in present time?

Or through ancestral pictures, or through past-life images (wherever those really come from)?

Are you really here?

Do you hate being here?

Are you trying to stay out of phase with Earth energy?

Are you anchored?

Are you receiving from the Earth?

The bare minimum or amply?

Does your mind control your bodyıs need to resonate with a spectrum of planetary frequencies?

Are you in touch with the sunlike essence of the Earth?

Do you receive through the interdimensional core of the planet?

Are you being helped by the Earthıs agents of frequency?

Is your Earth rote, your stored data about the planet, clear and current?

Do you work on the planetary grids?

Are you clearing human denial, held in Earth-storage, through you?

Are non-physical beings accessing the Earth Library through you?

I gather and sort the data.

Sometimes it is a matter of connecting the dots, seeing how the images form patterns.

Sometimes the images point directly to data in need of deletion or updating.

Often I will relate the images to hidden or overt belief-structures.

I look at your relation to your Greater Self, Integral, Spirit...or whatever you call it.

Is it real for you?

Does it seem outside you?

Do you trust it?

Do you like it?

Do you feel a part of it?

Do you experience your spiritual connection as energy inside you?

Coming into you?

Landing on you?

Is your experience of Greater Self confused with memories of authority figures - parents, bosses, priests, schoolteachers, cops?

Or images of God the Judge, God the Lawgiver?

Is your experience of connection mediated by spiritual programming?

Do you equate Spirit and religion?.

Are you carrying religious imprints?

Is any being, embodied or not, interfering with your spiritual connection?

Are you experiencing spiritual connection as it is, in present time, as infolding and unfolding of your true dimensions?

I sort and gather.

I help you clear old concepts.

I connect the dots (the images) that form the patterns that can be read as stories.

And we change the stories together, if need be.

Perhaps we select and sow new ones, more life-enhancing ones.

I look at your helpers, guides, technicians.  Your out-of-body colleagues and cheerleaders.

Your Council and your greater Family of Being.

I look at your attitudes.

Is it more comfortable for you to accept your helpers as metaphors for your own unrealized powers, or as independent beings in contractual relationship with you?

Can you work with both models?

Are your techs active?

Do you want them to be?

What do you think they can do for you?

Do you direct them?

Are your outdated instructions directing some of them?

Do you need to revamp your staff?

Do you work with specialized teams?

Do you know you have helpers on different levels?

Do you know that some mirror, and some stand in for, unclaimed parts of yourself?

Do you talk to them? Do they talk to you?

By the time I have looked at these three primary connections or hook-ups, the session is well on its way.

Or an in-depth examination can make up the first in a sequence of sessions.

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