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We are all unique.  The mystery of who and what we are is gradually beingdecoded.  We have a way to go.  We journey into the Unknown and memory, both.

We do not need to journey alone.  One of the ironies of life on earth is our isolation, whether we live in the woods or in an urban hive.  That isolation is illusory and is far from the truth of our being.

In my work I share the journey with you for a time.  For twenty years I have worked hard to shed my own illusions and to explore the strange land in which so many of us roam as strangers.

I offer my experience and the talents that have emerged as I journey onward. My work is centered in the values of freedom, truth and love.  The project is Restoration, helping clients to move towards their heritage and destiny.

If you choose to work with me, I will attune myself to you.  I have no doctrinal axe to grind.  I work with various models of reality and the human energy system.  I uncover the inner stories that may constrain you and offer more spacious and life-enhancing stories.  I help you undo your own conditioning.  I help you learn about yourself.  I offer tools.

We start with you: where you are, or think you are, in your journeying.

When you contact me, we assess - together - what you need and whether I can help, and how.

Usually I propose a program.  I work by phone and e-mail.  I work face-to-face.  Sometimes I make house-calls.

Our work may be complete in a single session, although that is rare. Continuity and follow-up are vital.  Most of my clients prefer to session every week, or every two weeks, with a check-in on alternate weeks.


If I were wealthy, I would charge nothing for my work.  That is not the case. I use a sliding scale.  Cost ranges from CA$60 an hour to CA$30 a session. We negotiate a rate that is comfortable to us both.

Many lightworkers are trying to solve the issues of money in a greed-based economy.  I understand.  I refuse to charge what the market will bear.  I often live in poverty, and that is no joke.  If you want to work with me and money is a real issue, we may be able to choose some other basis for energy exchange.

Extraordinary Sessions

At times I am asked to help in very specific ways.

* shifting the energy of a dwelling or work place - this can be simple or quite startling

* work with couples - to help disentangle their energies - this is good for couples separating amicably, and for those who are renewing their relationship

* emergencies - I cite one example: once I was asked to session three times a day for four days to help a client shift

Groups, Retreats and Workshops

A unified group field enhances and empowers us as we journey.  I stopped group work in the late ‘90s in order to focus on my own stuff.  I shall be offering this form of support again by the fall of ‘05.  Be prepared for channeling that is not run of the mill.

Groups will meet twice a month.  The purpose is to create a safe and energy-rich space to lighten all participants.

I shall post more details as they are forthcoming.  If you are interested, please contact me.

The same applies to retreats.  I have led several of these over the years. Depending on your attitude, they are holidays for the soul or crucibles for transformation.

I shall be offering half-day and day-long workshops from time to time.  These will be theme-oriented.  The last one dealt with the idea of Paradise and the Fall, and loosened a lot of anti-human dogmas.  The energy was amazing.

Again, if you are interested and maybe have some themes to suggest, please contact me.

The Way I Work

I wrote the following around ‘97.  I made a few revisions and offer it t you now.  Some people have used it as a beginning place for self-reading.

My work expresses my values, what I stand for.  My work emerges out of myself, and grows as I grow.

I stand for the values of Freedom, Truth and Love.

I work with a set of assumptions about this world and this time, and they define for me the context of our lives, and shape the way I work.

The world is on fire.  The race is plunging through transformational crisis. Our hidden dreams and nightmares dance before us.  All patterns of belief, behavior and response are being amplified.  All limiting patterns, held inside and reflected in the world as human institutions, will either collapse or shift into new, expanding patterns.

The anthems of freedom and oppression are reaching a crescendo.

Change-waves are melting and re-forming every aspect and level of our experience.  And it will not stop.  We are all being shaken.  The star-waves, the spirit-waves, roll towards us with increasing frequency.  If we stand against them, retreating into fear and anger, we are battered.  If we accept them, we ride the waves.  We become the waves.

When I work with people, I assume this transformational context

Someone comes to me with a set of problems or issues, wanting to know what is going on, what to do.

I assume that, because that person is in body at this time, the inner pressure to release the false and embrace the real is intense.

Each person is unique.

Each is like the ray of a spiritual sun, a field-agent for an interdimensional exploration team, an ambassador from a resplendent realm, a weaver of time-magic.

But lost, wounded, confused, weary.

Whether a newcomer to Earth or a repeater, each person has been browbeaten by the descent into the human sphere.

Let us picture that descent.

Heaven knows where you were before.  Or whether you came in wisely, with due preparation, or dropped your other projects to enter with a cometšs rush.

Maybe you approached the planet in bright awareness, or simply tracked a homing beam to landfall.

Imagine that you hung in far orbit for a while, to contemplate the concentric energy-spheres of the planet.

What did you see?

Islands of pattern in seas of chaos? A honeycomb of light cells with many waiting to switch on.

Fire-fountains of high passion jetting through clouds of fear?

A kaleidoscope of black and red and gold?

What did you hear?

Chorales of anguished longing half-drowned by yells of rage? The lilt of blessing and the blast of cursing?

No blame if you turned back!

But aspiration, or vision, or obedience to your programs drew you down.

If you came in consciously, it took strong courage.

And then the plunge through the energy-spheres, through information-layers of increasing density, static and disorder.

It does not matter if you are the Empress of Andromeda, or a humble agent of Light, if you are going to put on a human body, you have to descend through those layers.

The plot thickens.

To operate in any reality you need what Robert Monroe calls a ‘rote’, a data-composite about that realty and its rules or laws.

Thus you carry a rote about operating in the illusion of space-time, though by now you may be exercising your source-self authority to revise it.

You carry a rote about the planet, which I hope is accurate and up-to-date (check with your first chakra).

You also carry a human rote.

The human rote is a royal pain.

Here is an image.

You need to wrap human information around you to function as human.  You need what some call a ‘mental body’.  You create it out of mind-stuff which is imprinted with data.

The data - therešs the problem.

Out-of-date, distorted, wrong, Some pure fantasy, some implanted lies.  But you must wear something, so you put on a fabricated tissue.

All this before you connect with your embryonic bio-body and unfold its genetic data.  Before you ride in your motheršs womb, bathed in her information.  Before you emerge into the data-fields of your family and your culture.

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