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  Dreams (2)


I was visiting a planet whose scale was vaster than the earth’s.  The mountains towered into the stratosphere.  I was riding with friends in some kind of vehicle along a mountain road.  All at once we stopped, got out, looked up.  A light storm was erupting.  No sound or menace, just a light show that filled a quadrant of the sky.  Magnificent.

Another time I wandered an isolated dream-path.  A shining appeared in the air and became a kind of door.  Two humanoids came through, wearing protective clothing and carrying some kind of equipment.  They took off.  I looked around to see if anyone was watching.  No one.  I climbed through the opening, and found myself upon another earth.

Imagine a pure and quiet earth.  Everything appeared to be suffused with the softest light.  I went in search of people.  It took a long time to find them.  There were just a few of them.  They were wise and gentle, and they were dying.  They explained that their version of the earth lacked vital force.  They knew how to travel between variants and had sent their dimensional engineers to visit our unquiet earth.  They disliked our violence and turmoil, but suspected that both our variants would be helped if the two spheres were merged.  They would be re-infused with vital force.  We would be gentled.  End of dream.

The theme of the Quiet Earth came to focus in a simple dream.  I was standing on the verandah of a country hotel with several other people.  We knew that most of the human population had disappeared the day before (no explanation given).  The planet had renewed itself immediately.  There was no pollution anywhere, physical or psychic.  A deep and joyous silence lay upon the planet.

(I have learned to consult my guidance about many kinds of dream.  The comment on this one was that the longing for the Quiet Earth is so powerful in humans, that it will come about, somehow....  The question is, of course: what is the optimal pathway to the Quiet Earth?)

Greater Earth

The Dreamer weaves new kinds of stories as we relax into adventure mode.  Since I gave up, with huge encouragement, the quest for some final nirvana, the dreaming (and the channelings) have taken me into unexpected realms.

Before I share more dreams of lateral realities, here are two that shocked me to the core.

1.  I had my first experience of channeling the Archangel Michael (who seems to be a living dimensional axis more than anything).  That night I dreamed.  I stood on a forest path, thick ice beneath my feet.  I started to glide an inch above the surface, gathering speed with every moment.  Soon I was moving into summer, green and gold.  Faster and faster, until I shouted at the top of my voice: I want God, Christ, nirvana!  The dream stopped.  I lay awake for hours in startled silence.

2.  This was a reverie, half-way to waking up.  It seems so familiar that I may have read it somewhere.  Anyway the Dreamer seems to approve.

I watched as a group of horsemen entered a village.  The men and horses, both, were old and worn.  When the villagers came out to greet them, the eldest horseman showed them a package wrapped in tattered cloth.

That evening there was a feast of welcome.  The eldest horseman unwrapped the package to reveal a wooden cup.  This was passed to every woman, man and child.  Each one raised cup to mouth and received a blaze of light.  After the ritual was over I saw the cup tossed onto the back shelf of some kitchen cupboard.  A voice proclaimed: And now the Quest begins again.

That dream will last me all my life.  Back to alternate earths.  It is one thing to speculate about multidimensional reality, it is quite another to explore it in the dream state.  The Dreamer in us is awake in many dimensions of existence.  So is the planet that we call ours.

Apart from the visit to the Vast Planet, I seem to travel most to other versions of the earth.  This is likely to change, of course.  Already I begin to see, while dreaming awake, the blue planet Uranus, and learn to look at earth from there.

The Dreamer wants to show the Greater Earth to those of us who are receptive.  The Greater Earth reveals itself to all who truly seek to know it.  I never thought that I was one of them.  In the 80’s I dreamed that I was in a ship, in orbit high above the earth.  I was comfortable and self-contained.  Suddenly a hatch opened in the outer wall and a rope ladder emerged and extended down towards the planet’s surface.  I knew I had to climb down, rung by rung, until I made landfall.  Terrifyingly vivid.

I guess I am more here than ever, and the adventure is just beginning.  I read about the Greater Earth in Corbin’s book on Iranian Ishmaili mystics.  Hurqalya.  The Emerald Earth.  Michael Murphy’s novel, An End to Ordinary History, refers to it.  I was intrigued but did not really get it.  Now I wonder....

I could only learn about such possibilities by immersion in dream-stories which are strangely matter-of-fact.  The dreams about variant earths/humanities are like teaching modules or travelogs.  There are too many to recount.  Here are a couple of favorites.

1.  I am at a meeting.  Representatives from many variants are present.  Each discusses the problems of his or her home-earth.  During a break I see a woman who comes from an earth that has no problems.  This is astonishing.  She is reading a newspaper from her planet.  I want to know what is news on a planet with no problems.  I push through the crowd towards her...and wake up.

2.  I am a member of an exploratory team.  We materialize in a stony landscape with many shallow saline pools.  I see huge spar of unpolished lapis.  We do not know where we are.  It does not matter.  One of our specialists tunes into the co-ordinates.  We are in an archaic-feeling variant of Malaysia.  When I wake up I sense that I we visited a territory that links SE Asia with Dream Time Australia, and our earth variant with another.

(To be continued)

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