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To AE (George Russell), the Irish seer:
true dreamer and poet of the soul

My favorite dream

I was wandering in a house whose rooms and halls were ever-changing.  I wanted to get out.  Every time I saw an exit and headed for it, the route would twist and curve back upon itself.  This went on for a long, long time.  At last, somehow, I found myself outside.  The grounds were full of twisting paths.  I could see the exit-gate, but every time I headed for it, the path would change and twist away.

I stood on such a path and yelled at the top of my lungs: How do I get out of here?  A voice replied: Wake up!  I did.  I woke up and lay in bed, and laughed until the tears were rolling down my face.

I love these living stories.  As the years go by I learn more from them than anything I read in books.  The Dreamer is my teacher and instructs me directly, by putting me inside teaching stories.

As the years go by, the difference between sleeping and waking states begins to blur.  The Teacher who emerges in daylight is the Dreamer.

Life is but a dream

Waking up.  What does it mean?  Theories abound.  I learn more from stories than from theories, especially the stories that we inhabit in our dreams and visions.

I know three primary states of consciousness - waking, trance and dreaming.  The passing of the years confers a gift: softening of the categories.  The boundaries that analytic mind defines begin to blur.

Chuang-tzu dreams that he is a butterfly.  On awaking he wonders if now he is a butterfly dreaming that he is a man.  Maybe he is both butterfly and man.

When I channel I begin to dream awake.  The brain state is that of deep sleep: I am awake.  When I return to *normal* consciousness, everyday reality looks tissue -thin.

Is the Dreamer who weaves the stories that guide us in our sleep the very Self that we invoke?  I believe so.  When we are awake the Dreamer is like a sleeping giant.  Transformation is the waking of the giant.

The dreams that I share with you are stories from the glowing hinterland where giants dwell.  No book however wise can map this hinterland, the Country of the Dreaming.  I impose no order on the dreams that I am going to share with you.  I hope that you enjoy them.

Star Dreams

I have been fascinated by Sirius for more than forty years.  I was also intrigued by the writings of John Godolphin Bennett, a follower of Gurdjieff and other luminaries, and one of the pioneers of transformational work in the 20th century.

A couple of years after the latter’s death I dreamed that I was shown a book by JGB - one that he never wrote in this reality.  I went immediately to the index and looked up Sirius.  There were two references:

1.  There is a center in the brain that is tuned to Sirian energies.
2.  When this star calls, you Go!  (triple underlined).

After the dream Sirius began, slowly, to shine upon inner landscape.  I still dream occasionally of this star.  Last year (2004) I saw, in dream, that Sirius was close to the horizon, and knew that it was supposed to be at the zenith.  I knew that I was out of phase with Sirian light and corrected the situation.

And Arcturus, which first came to my attention in a dream.  I was in a book shop.  I picked up a book in German black-letter, with a swastika on the cover.  I threw it down.  I picked up a slim volume bound in white.  Opening it, I found it had at least a thousand pages.  I looked at the title page: the autobiography of the priest K. since the Arcturus landing.

Since then Arcturus has come to mean a lot to me.  I still have not quite understood the dream.

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