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  Biography  (2/3)

Imagine clusters of *ships* voyaging through hyperspace.  Each ship is an Integral.  Each cluster is a higher-order Integral.  Hyperspace is a fancy name for reality unconstrained by our ideas of spacetime.

The clusters of ships navigate hyperspace according to information that is transmitted by Universal Intelligence, the Mind of Source or God.

To speak, we have to use the metaphor of time, but all this begins outside time as we imagine it.  That said...

One day a message arrives at the cluster to which you belong.  It suggests the next port-of-call, a reality system which it has not explored.  The message advises that to reach this port-of-call a specific fuel must be synthesized.  The message indicates where the raw ingredients of this fuel can be discovered.

Where? Here! This reality in which we meet.: a system of worlds, some physical, some subtle.  The cluster homes in on this world system.  Then a strange thing happens (from our point of view).  This happening is the root of our despair and hope.

Each Integral appears to splinter into a myriad of beings, each of whom arrows towards a particular physical or subtle sphere.

(I do not claim that this is true: it is a story that may point us to a higher, more expanded truth, and that is what interests me).

Each of the aspects of the Integral begins to live in one or other of the worlds.  These lives are centered on the gathering of the raw ingredients which will be refined and synthesized by the Integral to form the fuel that will propel it to Its next port-of-call.

One of the names for this fuel is Love.

Within this story, many of the aspects seemed to lose their memory of what they were doing and of the long-term plan.  That *mistake* is being rectified in what is called the Gathering.

Factor in the feelings.  Here we are.  Many of us feel like exiles who are very far from home.  We wonder if our transient lives have meaning in the greater scheme of things.

Imagine that you are indeed an exile, a stranger in a strange land.  Imagine that you hear rumors of News from Home.

The rumors say that you are not forgotten, that your Home is seeking you until it finds you.  This is the time of being found, of being gathered in. And more than that.  Your experience while *away* from your Home is uniquely precious.  Your life will deliver its meaning as you are restored to Home.

Exile.  Home.  Here is a tale of wounding.  What is the worst heart-pain that you can imagine? The death of a child? The death of an identical twin? This story says that each of us bears a hidden pain that is worse than that, appearing to be lost and far from our true Home within the All-and-Everything.

The seeming splintering is the root of our despair and hope.  There is so much talk of healing.  This story says that real healing only come from restoration to the unity, the Integral, that we are part of.

I take no story literally, yet I sense that the greater truth is something like this story.

Back to work.  I am as complex as you are.  Parts of me still do not believe that meaning is to be found, at least in the here and now.  But when I am in relay-mode, with personality quiescent, I live this story, which is about all of us.

Stories within stories.  Why did some of these aspects appear to get so lost as to need this special operation called the Gathering?

The message from Universal Intelligence said to your cluster of being-ships. Go to that world-system to gather and refine the elements of Love.  This world-system.

The story-within-a-story says that as the clusters approached They intercepted intense distress signals.  On investigation They discovered that this system was under siege.

The clusters travel through hyperspace.  They approached this system at various time-points simultaneously, and discovered that the trouble, the agony, was being caused from what we call the future.  Or a future.

Others tell this story too, in different ways.  It may be true.  In the far future a Tyranny is seeking absolute control over all time lines, all versions of reality within this world-system.

They try this by a kind of time-travel, moving *backwards* to eradicate all time lines that lead to genuine freedom - or, as the voices say, Freedom, Truth and Love.

There is opposition to this Tyranny.  Here I have to be very careful.  This story is not speaking of black-and-white, of a god-and-devil war.

The opposition is called, in my information, the Intervention in the Name of Freedom, or, briefly, the INForce.

The issue is freedom versus control, not good versus evil.  The Tyranny is seeking absolute control because it has forgotten Source or God.  It believes that nothing higher than itself exists.  It equates freedom with chaos.

The purpose of the INForce is not to destroy an enemy, but to restore freedom in all versions of this world-system.  Like the Tyranny, it travels *backwards* to the points where coercion is being imposed...such as the points that form the times we traverse now.

I live in this story most of the time..  I do not go to war against external coercions, but root out any coercive tendencies in myself; and help others to do the same.

(Sometimes I long to go to war.  I loathe cruelty and violation.  I am not allowed to add to the energies of war.  This inhibits my healthy anger - we all have our issues.)

In this story, which is true enough for me, provisionally, INForce agents enter the coercion zones, and while trying to help, seek to do so without coercing.  The project is about waking up within the war zones, not becoming a soldier of light.

Do the clusters, entering this system in some far future, constitute the INForce, or are They allies? The story does not say, as yet.

Why the complexity? Isn’t there a simpler truth? Al I can say is that I have not found one which is convincing.

The story and the story-within-a-story form narrative frameworks which, for me, make sense of a lot of things.  When I get confused, they unconfuse me. They keep me in touch with the central purpose of my work, which is helping people move towards their restoration, to their liberty.

My work

I believe that true spiritual work is the natural expression of who we really are.  As we become according to our inner lights, so our work develops.

I talk about myself only to convey what my work expresses.  I am important, but no more than anyone else.  To me, the work’s the thing ((which is why I write: my work and I.)

I learn as I go: through the relay mode, through dreams (that is why there is a Dreams section on this site), and through working directly with people.

I am allergic to dogmas, because they are coercive.  I am not here to impose anything on anyone.

I have worked with groups, and intend to do so again.  I work one-to-one, often by phone.

I’ll begin with the one-to-one.  My intent is always to help people move towards their restoration and liberty.  I start with people where they are, or where they think they are.

The restoration process, to adapt a Buddhist metaphor, is like untying a mass of knots - one by one.  Some knots are best left to experts in medicine or mainstream therapists.  These I leave alone.  For example, if I am working with someone who has cancer, I do not replace the cancer experts.

I deal with energies.  I see them, feel them, relay some of them.  What’s an energy? I cannot define it.  It’s a metaphor...for something very real, likely more real than that the other metaphor called matter.

As I sit here at the keyboard, I am sensing energies.  You are too, in your own way.  I am seeing energies.  By the way, I know people who envy this ability to see energies.  Often the subtle vision overwhelms the physical and I am functionally half-blind.  So much for the glamour of psychic life.

Energies seem to form the deep structure of everything and everyone.  As humans we are only in the early stages of mapping the energy domain.  I leave that to others.

If I were sitting with you at the start of a session, and I had established that you had little conscious awareness of the energies with which you are involved, I would probably say something like...

With your permission, I am going to look at your primary energy hook-ups.; that is, how you are connected to the planet, your greater being, and your helpers.

These connections reveal a great deal of basic information about where someone is at.

When I first went for readings with A.  my primary connections were tangled up with all sorts of programs which acted as energy overlays or interference.  Also, my boundaries were so porous that the energies of many other people were cluttering up my space.  My connection with my greater being was threadlike, and heaven know to what limbo I had consigned my helpers (I was an independence freak).

Once I have given feedback and basic suggestions, I teach people basic psychic hygiene.  As my sources put it: you’re bound to accumulate garbage; just make sure you take it out.

I have to mention this.  Learning on the job, I discover all sorts of things I wish I hadn’t.  Indeed at times I have learned most powerfully by getting into trouble with things I only half-believed existed.  (Ask me about psychic burnout some time).  The one factor I wish I could pretend does not exist is non-human interference.  Just as there are human beings who thrive on malice, so there are others.  All this can be dealt with.

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