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When I responded to my wake-up call in the early 80s I knew nothing about energy and energy work.  I learned. I had to.  The opening up process made me sensitive to energy.  I write to share some of what I have learned from human and parahuman teachers.  This is one way to go about things I hope that you find the material useful.  If not, please disregard it.

This article is all about helpers and how to work with them.  I believe that we are being asked to come into mature relationship to these beings who may or may not be extensions of ourselves.

Some of the issues are a little unnerving at first, e.g, the presence of oppressive beings.  In working with people I have seen more than I ever thought I wanted. As the years go by I feel a confidence that we have resources to resolve any energetic problems that arise.

What are *teams*?

The asterisks show that the term is a variable.  Its value depends on our level of perception and understanding.  Here are some meanings for the variable *teams*.

1.  a group of beings who are assigned to help us, especially in technical matters. 2.  dynamic aspects of our greater being 3.  our expert (and largely unconscious) intelligence 4.  expert troubleshooting programs

I like working with several reality models.  One day, perhaps, someone will integrate.  them.  I am not going to worry about it The important thing is that the idea of *teams* is productive.  We can use it to make things happen.

What do *teams* do?

They will not do what we are capable of doing for ourselves.  When I started conscious self-work I used to call in a team to clear my energy several time a day.  One morning my call went unanswered.  After some panic I realized that I could do a basic clearing by myself.

*Teams* express awareness and expertise that is beyond our human range.  That range is broadening.

How do we work with *teams*?

We are not educated to believe that we have expert helpers.  For many humans, *teams* are latent or vibrating just beyond our level of awareness.  The first thing to do is to invoke them into this reality. Here is one way.

1.  Ask them to come on-line.  At this point some people like to request or assign a name.  Take some time to feel at ease with what your have done.  Then:

2.  Ask them to go to active mode.  Trust that this occurs, then:

3.  Give permission for your *teams* to perform basic routines.

Basic routines concern physical and mental/emotional restoration.  The body and its etheric matrix (which my sources call the soma) suffer two kind of problem. They tend to contract, which traps psychic junk and debris.  They contain - because of e.g.  negative programs and beliefs - energetically depressed pockets which are areas of weakness and potential disease.

Routine tasking raises the vibrational tone of the soma to levels where it can easily re-expand and release its stuff.  Routine tasking also energizes the troubled areas and brings them into our awareness.If these areas can be encouraged to resonate with the soma at specific frequencies, healing occurs.


If you are using any kind of therapy, the routine tasking will boost and amplify the process..

A curious problem may arise, especially if you are exploring personal competence.  I have seen many people who inadvertently deactivate their *teams*.  You can become as powerful as you will: you still need your *teams* to be present and active 24/7 Think of them as part of you.

A time will come when your *teams* need your permission for some specific task.  Do not worry if you are not able to hear your *teams*.  Their request will enter you awareness in a dream, an insight or a strong desire.


As we expand and clear our sense of *self*, we may discover that something disturbing is in our field.  If basic clearing does not work we can ask our *teams* to perform a broad-spectrum clearing.  This may reveal the presence of an old teacher or guide whom we need to release (with gratitude).  We made the agreement in the first place.  Only we can rescind it.  *Teams* take care of the energetics.

Do *teams* change?

Yes! In the months following 9/11 I noticed that my and my clients’ *teams* were showing up more powerfully.  As the global drama deepened it looked as if stronger help became available.  This change continues.  As the planet shifts it transceives energies which boost all sorts of processes.

The way that *teams* relate to us will alter over time.  *Teams* damp down their presence out of respect for our energetic tolerance.  As we learn to hold more being-energy in our bodies, our *teams* can manifest more directly without causing us discomfort.


In the spacious realms that we come from, we are unified with our *teams*.  We are as aware and strong and bright as they are.  As we are being restored *here*, this will become obvious.  At the moment they are holding information for us until we are ready to embrace it.  They stand in for aspects of our*selves* that we have yet to claim.

Advanced work with *teams*

It is wise to focus on our primary hook-ups to source-self and the planet.  At the same time we are embedded in a cosmic network or Web.  We may have active links into many realities, within and beyond the physical universe.  If you wish to troubleshoot these links, try the following:

1.  assume that you have a communications *team* (or that your *team* has a communications function).

1.1.  Bring it on-line and instruct it to sort your data-links according to point of origin, using source-self criteria.  All links that do not serve you will be deleted.


You may have star connections that are inappropriate. If an ancestor of yours made contact with a stellar source, the link may have been encoded in your genes and passed down to you.

You may be linked to beings who use your body to pump energy and/or information into the planet.  These beings are benevolent, but your body could suffer in the long run.

You may be linked to beings who want to use you to further their agendas at the expense of your own. These beings may be benevolent.  but the agenda that your source-self negotiates with your personality is paramount.

There are, alas, some beings whose agendas are dubious, to say the least.  Void any dubious connections.

1.2.  Some links will remain.  Make sure that the information that they carry are stored and sequenced appropriately.

Ideally this should not be necessary.  The problem is caused by:

a.  interrupted data-transmissions b.  fear c.  being out of sync with *self*

a.  Some data-access routes into the planet and its bioforms were interrupted long ago.  Stories on this site may explain the reasons.  The linkways are re-forming in present time.

b.  Human genes carry imprints of prehistoric events that resemble invasion scenarios, both physical and subtle.  Some of us are investigating what actually occurred.  The trouble is that the body may react to even licit tight-beam transmissions through these imprints.  The body goes into fear and rejects the data.  This calls for *team* work

Information is sent to the subconscious, i.e.  the soma.  Once the fear is voided, we need to trust the soma to route the information into proper storage.

The issue of sequencing is important.  We need to access information from storage and present-time transmissions in the order that is most beneficial to us.  We do not know the optimal order.

(Ray: if anyone reading this does know their optimal order, I would love to hear from them) c.  Ideally we travel a curve of learning and becoming that is defined by our genuine needs.  However, we are likely to import a great deal of stuff that misinforms us about where to focus.

Real light work centers in helping people discover their deep identity.  Many teachers give us an ideal model of what we should be.  Whether the model is psychological and/or spiritual, we are asked to change ourselves to fit it.


a.  I know people who are endlessly processing their stuff.  They have been ‘psychologized’.  If they have done enough process-work and do not realize it, they are behind themselves.  If we become addicted to processing, there is always going to be something else to process.

I have heard of people who have tried to bypass process altogether and go straight to some nirvana, with devastating effects on their nervous systems.  The bodymind requires time to accept and integrate major changes.

b.  Sometimes we get so tired of being in the here-and-now that we suffer temporal displacement.  My sources call this a hidden epidemic.

We may try to access information that we canot integrate or even translate coherently.  Someone may identify with a real or imaginary alternate *self* that is so far-out that the result is utter confusion.

We are experimental beings.  (See the section Experimenting with *teams*, below) As we expand we open to new possibilities.  If we want to avoid losing ourselves in the immensity of a living universe, we need safety protocols..

The dimensional *team*

We are not trying to become multidimensional.  We already are.  As information is transferred from source-self to bodymind our electrical and central nervous systems are reconfigured .  The aim is to stimulate the body’s potential to support multidimensional awareness.

All this is intriguing.  If your information flows are sorted and sequenced, you are doing fine.  There is one more thing to check.

If you have a lot of nightmares or night terrors, or if *reality* becomes too weird for you, you may need to close some dimensional gates.  This is not necessarily about protection from nasties.  Some realities are too alien for human tolerance at this time.

Our *teams* are as powerful as we allow them to be.  If you sense that, for some reason, you are linked to inappropriate gates, or simply wish for a safety-check, ask your dimensional *team* to scan for you.  Instruct them to close all gates that do not serve you.


I dreamed of beings who were too alien for my human mind to tolerate.  They were not evil, as far as I could see, but the experience was terrifying.  As soon as I woke up I called in my *team* who remedied the situation.  Case closed.

Experimenting with *teams*

We grow and learn.  We learn when to take charge, when to let go, when to bring in help.  We mature.  Part of maturity is a healthy sense responsibility.  Without it we should defer experimental work.

I find that many of us enjoy learning how to clear energy, detach from negative people, and so on.  The next lessons are less attractive: Dissolving our *demons*, our negative thought forms.  Dissolving our projections onto other people.  Our *teams* can do these things.  Once we do them for ourselves and stop miscreating, we are becoming responsible co-creators.

Are there any limits to what *teams* can co-create with us? None, except perhaps in our imagination.  Here is one avenue of exploration.

When I discovered that I had a communications *team*, I decided to experiment.  The basic idea was simple. Everything is linked to everything else in a hypercomplex web of energy- and data-lines.  All you need is the analog of a URN.

I have always been interested in what UFOs really are. I wanted to contact one directly and got a resounding No.  I was told to convect with to a UFO database.  I asked my comteam to patch me through.  The funny thing is that I did not expect anything to happen.  I am highly skeptical.  My energy went sky-high.  I was dizzy and breathless.  Information streamed so rapidly through my mind that I could scarcely track it.  I stopped the experiment.

Nowadays I recognize that we are experimental beings. Using *teams* and protocols enables us to explore in safety.

These days it is my sources who suggest experiments.  I usually follow through eventually.  I take the time to examine my safety issues and comfort levels.  I am becoming more responsive to the challenges.

Other *teams*

Not all *teams* are integrated with a specific human. There are specialist who deal with specific issues, such as deep=level spiritual deprogramming.  They tend to show up in certain work-sessions.

One *team* I can only mention with huge respect and awe.  It is an aspect of this planet.  Here is the story.

The planet is changing.  For ages it was a purifying station.  Now it has been released from its sacrificial function and restored to its essential purpose.  Now it has become again an immensely powerful transceiver of *cosmic* energies.These enter the earth in its multidimensional light-core and pulse up to the surface.

Our bodies are really aspects of the planetary form. They need to be in phase with the planet as it undergoes its energetic changes.  If we, as mental beings, trust the planet, there is no problem.  Most of us do not trust the planet unconditionally.  We need help.  And the help is offered by...  the planet.

I first saw the planetary *agents* in the 90s, then forgot about them.  Now (I write in June ’05), they have reappeared.  This *team* is an aspect of the earth’s intelligence.  Perhaps they are some devic order.

When they approach a human, they scan the body from a respectful distance.  They form an interface with the human’s *team*.  When given the OK, they engage directly with the body’s energetics.

I can only describe what happens with a simplistic metaphor.  Imagine that the earth is transceiving a spectrum of energies.  Each body needs to be tuned to some wave-lengths and not to others.  The mix varies from body to body, and changes over time.  The *agents* take care of this precise fine-tuning.  (When I accepted the tuning, I asked the *agents* to fuse their interface with my *teams*.)


I think that I previewed the *agents* in the 90s.  I tend to be a bit future-shifted.  But why are they coming into focus now? I suspect that we are being readied...  The relationship between body and descending spiritual energy is like an icecream cone. The cone has to be able to hold the icecream properly.

Descending spiritual energy is bright, intense and powerful.  If the cone or body is not prepared vibrationally, the energy would overwhelm it.  The energies that the earth transceives vibrate the human body to a level where it can receive and integrate the descending energy in comfort and in safety.

Maybe we are being readied for more powerful descensions than we have ever experienced.  We shall see.

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