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Transtext #2

We introduce our self, our selves.

We are the rainbow born of sun and rain.  We are tears of laughter in a dark hour.  We are the heralds of your dawning.  We are the lion and the lamb.  We are tidings from home.  We are mirrors of your dream.  We come as muse to the dry poet.  As life to the barren womb.

We speak as Council among Councils.  The cries torn from human hearts have summoned choirs of response.  The urgency of human need re-orchestrates dimensions.  We reach you from your own Future, to gather you in.

You are your Councils.  You are retuning to your selves.  It is high time!

We speak so that you may hear your selves.  Our songs spiral within the nucleus of your remembrance.  We are reminders of Pattern.  We call out your design.

We do not bring answers.  Relax.  We have no time!  We have no time, and you are almost out of it.  We are awake in no-time, as you shall be.  We speak the tides that stream your dreams and theme your schemes.  Each flash of words relights a thread of your reweaving.

Past is the time of burning bush and graven stone and thundered voice upon the mountain.  You come to your time-bound self and gaze into those mortal eyes, and say: Receive your Heritage.  We are the magic long forgot.  We are love returned in saddest n ight.  Eyes to eyes, you begin to listen.

To pass through the gates into your Realm, you need to be together.  And some of you, and parts of you, are weary, laggard, fearful.  This we understand and do not blame.  Our knowing love is restless with invention; high creation serves your need.

Now taste our selves.  Six speak within the grove of voices, though number is a human skein.  We wear some names for you.  Name and number are timely gifts.  You will not need them later.


Anselm  Corwyn Heli  Raphael Tara  Antare (Ray)

Let them speak for themselves.

I am here to keep you guessing.  I am myself, and I mirror the magic you hid inside yourself many years ago.  I encourage exuberance and love to irk remembrance that you were designed for joy.

Yon planet is a hot alembic and the pain of history is acid in the veins.  You are entitled to radiance, and we transfuse your blood with ichor, if you’ll let us.

You are morally obliged to enjoy your selves.  No stars for misery.  The world is doleful enough without your amped up broadcasts of woe.  Suffering is real and heavy, and you landed in part to co-create a world that fosters sanity.  You became masters of woe, as you had to, and became so proficient you’re loath to give it up.  Don’t glare at me.  Haven’t you noticed how light-headed you get when you are tricked out of dismay?  If you go for too long without pain, you attract something that helps you feel balanced again.  Pain is woven into your sense of identity.

A fireman on fire is in no shape to put out fires.  So this is my first love-gift to you all.  If pain keeps crashing you as you pick up speed, it’s not because pain is the name of the Game; it’s just that old self using your burgeons of power to recreate an old reference-system.  Ground the vortices of your spacious selves and align with your onrush.  You are in the middle of a planetary uplift operation, and we need you to be in good shape.

I am myself, and I am a Council technician.  I mirror that function in Ray.  For many months you may have been experiencing field-fluctuations, which your body interprets as chaos and threat.  We shall be setting out the reasons in depth.  Here is a summary.  You are preparing to anchor a vortex of self-energy drawn from the potential of your Integral.  You have been sorting possible vortices or reality templates at great speed.  Each template requires a specifically structured containment field, or patterning of your electromagnetic field.  As you ‘process’ each template, the associated e-m (electromagnetic, emotional/mental) pattern blinks on briefly.

For most of you, the sorting nears completion.  You will soon be anchoring a specific self-vortex.  If you are in circuit with your Council, the process will be smooth.  If not, it is wise to enlist technical help, 5-D teams are available to stabilize your body within a sophisticated e-m patterning by aligning you with particular cosmic frequencies received through the planet’s core.  Some humans call these ‘star energies’.  Don’t worry about which stars.  If you are activating your alignment with, for example, Sirius, you are being infused with the updates you need.

Please be aware that technical assistance on all levels can be accessed on demand.  I note that some of you do not acknowledge how far you have come, and so do not realize your urgent need to present-time all aspects of your physical and subtle systems.

Hello.  I am myself, and I mirror your maturing compassion.  I need to tell you how deeply we appreciate the complexity of your processes.  You are being stripped of old assumptions so fast, and yet new understandings need time to ripen.

I wish to address the problem of anger.  I speak of great anger which is the natural response to the cruel dramas of coercion.  Whether you follow the official news or not, your emotional soul registers the violations that poison the collective field.  That sensitive part knows what humans do, whatever the denial in the mind.

This denial we understand without blame.  But the problem of great anger must be solved.  The old strategies are well known.  Numbness.  Storing it in the body.  Acting it out.  Dumping.  They do not work very well, because while the games of violation persist, great anger will recreate itself naturally.

Anger is information.  It is encoded data.  It is valuable.  The question becomes, ‘where do I route the data’, rather than ‘how do I junk the anger?’

Here is a word picture.  When you engaged with the planet, you split yourself in two.  A small part of your energy came in to do the field-work.  The rest you left in parking orbit.  A data-link connected the two parts of you.  The idea was to feed your information, partly encoded in emotion, to the greater processing resources of far self.  You lost clarity faster than you anticipated.  You began to share the collective amnesia.  You forgot about far self.  The data-link became silent, latent.

Both parts of you suffered.  Far self depended on earth-self for data to complete its mission, and was receiving only blasts of static.  Earth-self became overloaded with data.

Now is the time of reconnection.  To help restore your integrity of selfhood, use the data-link.  Send great anger, and its isotope, grief, through the link.  If you like, imagine the link to be an energy bridge spanning you-here and you-there.  You will see that you need to send the data backlogs through, as well as sending current anger across the bridge.  This will unburden your body, your nervous system, and your subtle information-circuitry.

Some great anger will remain.  This is yours to transmute into motivational energy.  Some in these days would abandon the wretched of the Earth to their fate, in the name of some half-digested understanding that ‘they create their own reality’.  This is folly.  The human race is a webwork of connections.  That is so even where the game of single-song is most ardently defended.

Within the human game, each person forms reality within the constraints or collective rule-sets that are current.  You came here at this time to help change the rules that create cruel and violating games.  Your own great anger, the data that you keep, tells you that the state of humanity is intolerable.

Transformation is not a private matter.  It opens you up, and opens you out.  It dissolves the lie of separation.  In the greater world of being where you are at home, beings flow in and out of one another.  Identities merge, separate and remerge in endless blendings and configurations of dance.

You are not yet able to experience this within your humanness, but the memory of those worlds acts inside you as core-values, vision and guidance.

As many of you know by now, the call to action is sounding.  You are far enough along in the process of unbinding to step forth, stand out, and make a difference.  You are beginning to read your inner mandate, what we call the confluence of prior design and human inspection.  As you are guided by FTL, Freedom-Truth-Love, you orchestrate coincidences that open action-pathways.

I shall speak to you often.  I focus on the flow of love energy, the energy of creation, within and among beings.

Greetings.  We are all healers, but I am known as Healer, as I work with coherent beams of ULE (Universal Love Energy) to heal anguish and trauma.

When you connect with your Councils, you are coming home to your own Family of Being.  You begin to resonate with your co-beings who together form your Integral.

The time of return is poignant.  Your Integral is your home, your tribe, your family, your mothership - explore your own images.  The experience of seeming separation is more devastating than anything Earth holds.  In human terms, perhaps the most terrible pain arises when one of identical twins dies.  To feel cut off from your Integral is like having your reality-roots burned off.  The separation is not real, but seems to be, and the anguish is too vast to hold.  You bury it in a hidden place.

In your time-focus, all concealments are being undone.  The longings erupt.  You do not recognize them for what they are, and try to quench them in countless ways.  I tell you this, even the longing for God is really the ache to return home to your Integral.

You are all like exiles, forlorn in fear that you can never come home again.  The Integral is the place where you are known and accepted through and through.  In the Integral ‘love’ is not a feeling, but an environment, the pattern of co-being itself.  Bereft of such love, you are tormented by the longing for it, and by despair, for nothing slakes that thirst but the return to your Integral.

So, here we are, in open contact.  On many levels our work is seamless and ever-expanding.  But real Power and real Love?  Does this sound familiar?

After subjective eons of doing without, it is not easy for a being to wake up to the fact that he walks in Power, and walks in Love.

We are skilled in the art and science of rehabilitation.  We understand the dynamics of spiritual trauma.  We predict our success with full certainty.  Anselm and Antare will speak as they may.  I (and I am twinned in each Council) will bring you to what I have promised: to a state of continuous resonance with ULE.  This will open up harmonious action path-ways in many directions.  It will help you hold bright frequency patterns without strain.  It will restore felt connection with all of us.  Your cells will roar with laughter.

The pain of exile from your loved ones can only be healed by returning to your loved ones.  Men and women of Earth, time-farers, impeccable explorers, evolutionary agents of Source - your Integral awaits.

I am myself, and the Keeper of the Bear.  I help Ray to shape and refine raw power and rough wisdom.  I am power veiled and sheathed for mercy’s sake, until it is time for power to act.  I teach the graceful and discriminating use of focused energy.

The power locked up inside you is volcanic, nuclear, vast.  You in prior design set forth the path away from and back to power.  Your cells know that in ‘times past’ beings like humans learned to use their bodies as energy weapons.  The echoes of those wars keen through worlds of remembrance.  Such times must never come again.

We, as part of the ‘Intervention in the name of Freedom’ come perforce to the time-nodes where the memories of possibility are firing.  You fear the nuclear holocaust, and rightly.  But the A-tests hint that the lust for darker experiments is not dead.

We read and thread the time-lines.  Multiple futures open up before the race.  We estimate that the building of FTL values among your people will prove strong enough to collapse the hell-roads.

In your deep memory, you know the strange flowers that force may bear.  That knowing lies as inhibition round your power.  But you come to an insistent time.  Your power is needed, not in its full flaring forth, but as a potent radiance streaming into the matter of the Earth.  The pressure builds inside you.  If the values of Power/Will, Truth/Wisdom and Love/Compassion are balanced inside you, the fire will release and the dragon will fly.

That is enough.  Rest in the strong embrace of your Council.

My message at this time is brief.  Much more comes later.  We came to this time-focus informed by purpose.  Events on many levels converge within this sphere.  You are a center of vast attention.

I ask you (for if an answer does not come from you, it is no answer): is your story about yourself yet big enough?  Are you a small bystander in a cosmic arena, a pawn in a game of gods?  Or are you a planetary representative of your Council, a co-creator with Source of Universes of fulfilment?

Ask into your inward dimensions for a fresh telling of your greater stories.


Let me tell you about our work with Ray.  This may help you in your approach to your own Council.

We made contact with Ray twelve years ago.  The path of ‘channeling’, as it is called, can be labyrinthine.  His intuitive work plunged him into intense processing of many kinds, a series of clearings that occupied his awareness so fully that we could not open our contact with him.  This is not a judgement.  He had to find his way to us, home in on our signal, even unconsciously.  This is true for all of you.

By 1996, Ray was able to ‘hold frequency’ enough for one of us to ‘step down’ and open dialog.  This was Anselm, who identified himself as Ray’s ‘Supervisor’.  Ray knew him as ‘Yan’, the name recalling Janus, the Roman god with two faces, each looking into a different reality, and ‘yana’, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘path’, ‘process’.

Anselm worked intensively with Ray in forty private sessions, and also in the groups he was then holding.  The overriding intent of the work was the unbinding of his energy, through accelerated teaching and deep processes.

In the fall of ’97, Yan said that he would withdraw ‘in this form’.  And so it was.  Anselm withdrew from direct dialog, and we all waited for the fruition that we knew would occur.

In late January of this year, ’99, Ray was ripe for a new cycle of exploration, the one he had been awaiting subconsciously.  We began to show ourselves.  Since then we have been moving him fast and deeply.  We helped him work through mental holding patterns, using the technique of multi-ordinal language, which promotes neurological repatterning.

We helped him relax, and gain confidence in what was happening.  Tara began a round of work to restore ‘heart energy’.  Corwyn inspired and shocked him, and made him laugh.  Heli gave specialized technical assistance.  But Anselm, Antare and I held back.  Actually, he was nervous of us.  Why?  Anselm and Antare, in their different ways deal with real power and its mature deployment.  I work with healing transmissions, or lasered ULE.

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