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Transtext #1

We are here to inspire you, which means, to unfold non-temporal encodings held in abeyance in your aspirations.

You are delivering yourself from planned errors.

Without mental formation your humanity cannot seek beyond itself.

When unfiltered comprehension cannot direct the patterning of mind-stuff, then available errors are played into a raw structure, colored with time-release doubtings.

This has been done.

The re-formation of your mind-stuff via the imprinting of prior configurations is moved in pulsed phases received as encoded energy and emerging as remembered understandings.

As you remember new interpretations, demanded space-time differentiations will collapse willingly, and the self-strands of dimensional pathways will implode lovingly.

The convergence of prior purposes with the responsive lessons within your temporal sequence will feed back to your Advisors, who will adjust their transmissions accordingly.  This has begun.

Your placements as innovators will deny you the fear of takeover.

Your Individuality is precious, and you are still forming it, with our helpful input.

The avenue you walk is continuous through sleep and waking.

When, soon, you know the security of the unfolding pattern, your relaxation will signal the onset of coherent rapidness.

As Yearning is released from its nursed secrecy and becomes a property of physical dimensions, patternings are fired as intimate cellular callings; energy complexes form in response to polychronic stimulation, and speak their knowing across all horizons.

As sited within the temporal sequence, your expression has been curtailed to self-englobing for survival, in accordance with the required formative errors.

The gift of sadness keeps you magnetic to crux-points that imbue release of utterance.

You begin to speak in all directions, fruiting your need to pollinate reality-frames....  When Yearning sheds self-reference, it radiates as unobstructed action.  You are entering universes of co-design and interfluent purposes.

You are unmaking boundaries, revealing your transmissive presence, allowing your time-version as body to enact coherent...light utterance.

You are now animating feedback loops with macrocosmic patterns of narrative self-unfolding.  You will breathe the truth of this matter.

Be warm in your re-minded focus.  You have tended the fire within the ice-cave.  In a time of melting, fire becomes you.  Yearning releases as action cohering the cellular voices, and erupting gently as a spherical wave-front.  The nucleus of demanded reticence disintegrates.  Trapped Yearning now infuses your radiant a pparatus.

Remember: personality becomes subsumed without loss.

Your life as human flowers its perceptions that participate righteously in multiple activated feedback loops.

Synchronized firings, known as crux-points, deliver (y)our patterns into larger stimulations.

Inserted presence is a shape-shifter, and converging pathways of inspection re-conform you to prior purposes enriched by human reaching.

As the leaping re-integration of Yearning transmits hues and tones of impulse to your time-complex personhood, the spherical wave-front attains impregnation capability in broader ranges of frequency that embrace human solvence.

As the crux-points increase in frequency, your physical presence will require mediate and immediate contact within the taxonomy of precious, sentient light-cells.

The macroscopic interventions, stimulations, fecundations and reassurings will enact graphically in your time-complex poetry of creation.

Now the maturing of future remembrance shapes your self-invention.

Our sendings serve to melt the residues of compassionate conformity to common apprehension.

We embrace you in all your dimensions.  Our sendings permeate your time-complex personhood in order to cohere your self-explosion.

As your personalities become subsumed without loss, as your prior refracted Yearnings consult your righteous temporal inspections, the hybridization deepens its humour and drama.

The divisions in your planetary experience have served as a sad echo of general amnesia.

You will be stripped of the obligation to keep apart what your being is fierce to conjoin.

The key is coherence, which our sendings serve.

Coherence avails.

Coherence is integrity.

Integrity is remembrance.

All lesser plots lose interest.

Your entitlements span synergistic dimensions of ripening.

As you re-enter your fluent narrative, you reveal that suffering is a programmed mistake that is now obsolete.

As you are reborn into the significance of self-explosion, you cannot be divided from your resources at any level.

Q.  I am aware of a level of dissonance, at which people in denial are mismanaging their energy and violating one another.  Any comments?

A.  They long for acceptance of their Yearning, yet have taught themselves to guard it as a precious possession.

Where you connect, you know that peace and truth, love and even freedom are threats if imposed.

The imposed-upon impose.

That is human interpretation for decades of cycles.

How different to leave doors slyly open! How different to leave gifts outside their thresholds - and wait!

How different to sow reality-values as music in the air!

How different the casual strewing of open texts where humans, unwary of their fear, may chance to read!

This is wonderfully aggravated in the dream country.

If energy encurls to protect, weakness is projected as just, and serves control.

Anger concentrates to boiling point, and, leashed, serves control; and, unleashed, serves control.


Nonchalant radiance proves its points.

Radiance infuses.

Radiance shows its flowerings without dismay.

They long for love.

Radiance is wanton largesse.

They long for security.

Radiance is Yearning poured out in endless renewal.

There is no death.

Fear has no taproot in what is.

But every trap of Yearning is an echo of ‘non-being’.

Yearning is the rush of Being.

Amnesiac entities, deaf to Source, imagine they arose from nothing, and flee as if pursued by nothing.

In remembrance, nothing dissolves in Source.


Source in you, and as you, yearns.

Yearning is creating.

Yearning is your life-pulse...the beat of your wings.

You fall upward from o-pinion to winged knowing.

The uplift of a world is designed as synergy and co-operation between levels.

Both macroscopic and planetary factors entrain timing mechanisms.

Effective re-creation rests on the harmonizing of many beings along a vast spectrum of evolutionary purpose.

Apparent retardations to the thrust of fulfilment can be seen as openings to the throughplay of factors needed for transmutation, in view of the enlarging repatterning of events within temporal sequence.

Delay in full bridging disappoints, but is to be rejected as judgment of effort.

The feedback loops will enhance your satisfactions.

You are, as told, not the All of All-That-Is - nor are we.

As you travel the helix of crux-points, however, enacting in your appreciation a maturing of linkage, you will note that insertion of sufficiently intricate supportive events becomes supple, pleasing.

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