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  Psychic Self-Care


You are sensitive, and live in a dissonant and polluted environment.  Psychic self-care is a way of loving yourself in a practical way.  Use this check-list every day.  If you are feeling fine it will help you feel even better.  Psychic hygiene is as natural as cleansing your body and living-space.

The following is something you give to yourself.  Grant yourself enough time to enjoy the experience.

In a relaxed and attentive state, sitting or standing, focus gently on your breathing.


Connect, or imagine that you are connecting, your body to the planet through your grounding cord, and through the soles of your feet.

Let the three energy lines go as deep into the earth as possible.

They stabilize your body and help it to feel safe.

They are also energy feed-lines.

Allow earth energy to move up through your body.

Enjoy the experience.

Note: When you run earth energy, at times you may accumulate too much for your body’s comfort.  In this case, bend over gently and let the excess flow through your arms and hands into the earth.


Open your crown.

Allow energy from your source-self to flow down through your body.

Let it be everywhere in your body.

Enjoy the experience.


You have access to back-up resources, and are meant to use them.

You can regard them as a team of helpers assigned to support you with technical expertise, or as unknown aspects of your own energy system, or both.

The point is to have them turned on.

You are designed to receive constantly, whatever is happening.

There is no point in waiting until you hit a rough spot before you accept help.

Ask yourself if your helping systems are active.

Trust your answer.

If they are, reaffirm your willingness to receive all the help you need, whether you know what is entailed or not.

If they are not, turn them on.

Ask for this to be done, use an image such as an on/off switch, or simply form the intent.

Affirm your willingness to receive the help you need.


Allow static to drain from your body through the soles of your feet.

Instruct your energy to clear your field.

Enjoy the experience.

That is the basic check-list.

If you are feeling fine, get on with your day.

If you are not feeling fine, then continue with the following.


You are likely to be changing faster than you realize.

This full check-list will help you update your energy connections and monitor how well you are integrating your changes.

The premise here is that the planet and everything on it is undergoing acceleration.

This means that both you and the earth are receiving unaccustomed energy frequencies that speed up change in your inner and outer situations.

Use this full check-list at least once a month - more often when ‘it’s all happening’.


Our grounding or earth-connection changes naturally as the planet’s energy changes.

If we let it.

Make sure that your grounding is in present time.

Use intent and/or your helpers.

Or use the following request:

* bring me into right relationship with the planetary field *

If you are doing a lot of energy work, it is worth checking to see if you need additional support.

The planet has its own ‘agents of frequency’ that can help your body align with the cosmic energies that are now available.

As you ground, ask these earth helpers to assist.

Draw energy through your grounding cord and through the soles of your feet.

Sense the energy as it spreads upwards through your body.

Do not force it.

If you feel any place in your body which is blocking the earth-energy, gently invite that place to open and receive.  Enjoy the experience.


Your greater Self or your being system is sending you energy and data all the time.  More than you realize.  The more you receive through your alignment, the more change you are likely to experience. If you have been resisting change, you will probably have a backlog of energy waiting to come in.

Sometimes you need to rest to allow the body time to integrate changes.  As you acclimatize to endless change your body needs less integration time.

When you sense that it is time to move again, try this.  Imagine an intake valve above your crown.  Ask yourself how open/closed it is.  Trust your answer.  Adjust the aperture of the intake valve.

Sense the new influx of energy from your greater Self.  Notice how it feels.  Feel if any part of you is resisting the influx.  If you find a closed place, invite it gently to open.

Allow the energy to be present everywhere in your body, including your legs and feet.  Enjoy the experience.  You are experiencing yourSelf in a new way.

Note: Sometimes the influx from your greater Self can be very strong.  It is important to claim the energy, to realize that it is an aspect of you; otherwise you may feel overwhelmed.

Try placing a hand on your heart center and saying:

* I am a part of this energy; this energy is a part of me *

You may find this ‘switching’ exercise useful in claiming your energy.

First, experience yourself as personality (bodymind) receiving spiritual energy.

Then, be the spiritual energy infusing your bodymind.

Switch back and forth a few times until you begin to ‘get’ it.


Your helpers may not override your free will.

At times they may wish to use procedures that require your conscious permission.

If you do not feel that you can ‘hear’ your helpers, don’t worry!

They will communicate with you through your dreams and day-dreams.

You may suddenly find that you want to instruct them to do something.

That may well be your response to their inquiry.

If you prefer to think that your helpers are unknown aspects of your own system, you could say that your Self asks your self (personality) for permission to act.


Daily clearing can be as routine as washing.

Releasing material held deep within the body is another matter.

We start absorbing from the environment as soon as we enter physical existence.

The upward movement of earth-energy and the downward movement of spiritual energy within the body are powerful clarifiers.

At times however it is advisable to use deep-clearing procedures.

The following work well.

Try them and see which appear to be most effective for you.

* The bridge

As humans in a world that is full of violation we may carry huge charges of sorrow and anger.

They are really encoded and compressed information.

Let it be OK to discover this emotional burden inside you.

Understand with compassion your past need to repress it.

The energy moving in us brings everything out of our hidden places.

The only thing you can do with this impersonal sorrow/anger when it surfaces is to surrender it.

There is a bridge or data-link between your earth-self and the ‘higher’ levels of being.

Send the emotions, the encoded and compressed data, across the bridge.

Accept that the information is processed at the higher levels of being.

* Cleansing the subtle system

Our subtle systems are fine and complex.

We are in the early stages of exploring them.

The following are suggestions only.

As you explore your own systems you may well discover other methods.

a.  the body’s fluid systems carry subtle energies and micro-impressions

Ask/intend to clarify

* your cerebro-spinal fluid

* your arterial and venous bloodstreams

b.  your body is threaded with many subtle energy channels, including the meridians mapped in acupuncture

Ask/intend to clarify the meridians, especially those that flow along the inside, outside and back of each leg.

This helps you to ground the energy that you are pulling in.

c.  the chakras

Deep work in the chakras requires experience and/or a teacher.  Otherwise leave them alone.


Whatever you are experiencing, let it be OK.

You can learn and become stronger from what is going on.

If you have been analyzing your discomfort, choose to get out of your head and into your energy.

Drop all interpretations for a while.


Use whatever method works best for you.

a) make sure everyone is out of your space - you have the right to insist

b) ask yourself if everyone has left - trust you inner response

* If someone is still hanging around, beef up your command.

(if you have been obsessing about someone, they are probably hooked into your energy)

Go to your next energy/frequency level if you need more oomph.

Or re-connect to the Universal Love Energy, and ask it to help you.

* if you are aware of pain or pressure in any part of your body, check for cords and remove them gently

(Cords represent someone’s unspoken agenda with you.  Tell the person psychically to communicate with you directly or not at all).

* if you have a sense of oppression, ask or intend to go to a higher frequency and banish any intrusive energies.

(Use a formula such as:

** I command any intrusive energies to return to where they belong **.)

Take a break.

If discomfort continues, ask yourself if you need to do some inner work.

Trust your response.

If the answer is ‘no’, continue to clear until you feel clear.

If the answer is ‘yes’, continue with the following.


Let your experience be OK.

Accept it as an opportunity to grow in awareness and strength.

Focus lightly in the center of your chest.

Breathe gently.

You are investigating an inner pattern.

You will deal with it more easily if you do not judge it, or judge yourself for having it.

Watch your thoughts.

You are probably running a thought-loop or tape.

Do not analyze or argue with the repeating loop.

Say firmly:

* I am not my thoughts.  I am not my feelings.  I am not my programs.  *

(This is always true, whatever the inner and outer situation)

By now you are probably feeling more in charge and empowered to make choices.

A tape is a charged negative statement that keeps repeating inside.

it is a generalization about you and/or the world, and is never true.

A tape is a statement about reality, not the reality itself.

A tape is a charged belief or set of beliefs.

You probably got it from someone at a time when you were vulnerable and impressionable.

You are entitled to change or delete any tape.

And you are able to do this - no matter how old or familiar the tape.

Here’s how.

* focus on positive statements

Your subconscious recognizes charged images, but not grammatical modifiers such as ‘not’.

It will recognize the affirmation (I am not weak) as (I + weak).

State the positive: (I am strong) or (I + strong)

* persist

If the tapes are old they may be quite energized.  Every time you believe them, your attention adds energy to them.  Invest your energy and attention in positive statements.  This may take time, and therefore persistence.  You are in charge of your thoughts.

This does not mean that you have to handle everything alone.  We all have our blind spots and dumb days.  Don’t be afraid to ask for support and guidance.  If you feel really stuck, call someone.

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